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Build a house for 25 children

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Brynn Children Home is a ray of hope for Orphaned and abandoned children. As on date, Brynn Children Home house 18 children and they are provided education, food, health care facility, safe and family like atmosphere.

The Challenges

One of the few challenges that Brynn Children Home is facing is to provide a permanent shelter to these children. Children are now housed in a rented building. Further, this Home lacks all the basic facilities. We are not able to provide adequate toilet facilities, dining facility, bed facility. The lack of facilities forces us to seek New Home for our Children.

  • The children live in a rented accommodation and we pay rent every month for this.
  • The landlords of the rented premises, usually get their rented premises vacated in every 3-4 years and this has also happened in the past. 
  • The children always live under the fear of relocation and Brynn children Home lives under the same stress to arrange for an alternate location.
  • As the children are growing, the overall expenses are also increasing but, Brynn Children Home does not have sufficient contributions to address the increasing expenses. 
  • Brynn Children Home does not have any fund to build or buy a permanent home for the children.

Brynn children Home needs around $30,000 to construct a permanent home for the children. The funds that will be collected through this initiative will be used for the construction of a permanent house for the children.

The Proposed Home will have all basic facilities and all necessary services will be rendered without hassles. Proposed building will have adequate toilets, dining, bedding, study room, kitchen, good ventilation, play area. These basic amenities will help children grow mentally as well as physically strongly. We will be able to admit new children. Still there are more than 17 million orphaned or abandoned children on streets without shelter and other basic needs in India.

We need your help to secure an orphanage building in which children can live in peace and harmony. Therefore, we would like to ask for your generosity to give a permanent shelter for these children and bring positive change in the lives of the children at Brynn Children Home.

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